By Jeff Gurney

DENVER (CBS4) – Denver Nuggets Coach Michael Malone got emotional during his scheduled briefing with sports reporters before Tuesday’s game against the Orlando Magic. He reflected on the mass shooting at a King Soopers in Boulder on March 22.

“I think it’s really important that we turn our attention where it should be and that’s back in Boulder,” Malone said.

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Michael Malone (credit: CBS)

He said the team’s thoughts and prayers are with the families. He then read each shooting victim’s name.

“We get judged on wins and losses, but if you take a step back and you put yourself in one of those families … what do you feel?” Malone said wiping away tears. “This is a game, a game I love, but I think about Eric Talley and his seven kids. That’s what I think about.”

Michael Malone (credit: CBS)

Talley was a Boulder police officer who was among the first at the shooting scene. Nine other people died; three of whom were store employees.

When asked how the team handled the tragic news, he said each player and member reacts differently.

“I think we’re tired of it,” he said. “Hopefully, we as a country and we as a state can find a way to be better.”

Jeff Gurney