By Kelly Werthmann

DENVER (CBS4) – For the first time ever, Denver Restaurant Week is happening in the spring. It will celebrate the many culinary offerings and dining options in the Mile High City beginning April 23 through May 2.

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“Restaurants still need our business,” Justin Bresler, VISIT Denver’s vice president of marketing, said on CBSN Denver. “Now that it’s getting a little bit warmer out, we’ve got a taste of spring, we just felt like sliding into the time of year when there was maybe nicer weather and more likely to get on the patio.”

Health and safety are top of mind for restaurants as well as guests with the pandemic. Bresler said they are paying close attention to the frequently changing dining capacity limits and COVID restrictions.

“Some of the restaurants are operating with expanded measures due to the 5 Star Program,” he explained. “This year, we do have options for both patio dining — which is going to hopefully be lovely at that time of year — and in-person indoors if you’re comfortable. Of course, we will be promoting to-go and delivery as well so you can enjoy it at home, if that’s what your preference is.”

(credit: CBS)

One thing that hasn’t changed for Denver Restaurant Week are the price options — $25, $35, and $45 per person for a multi course meal.

“No matter where you go, you can expect a really, really great value in a well thought out menu,” Bresler told Kelly Werthmann on CBSN Denver. “Restaurants like to get creative during this time because you do see diners for the first time and want to impress them coming in. We know there’s going to be a lot of fresh and local ingredients and, like I said, a lot of creativity.”


Bresler said he is hopeful the springtime version of Denver Restaurant Week will give local eateries a boost in business they greatly need.

“I think people have been inside for so long and now that we are seeing some favorable numbers out there and a lot more vaccinations, people can go out with a lot more confidence,” he said. “We’ve been through a long winter … and I can just imagine how people want to get out and safely enjoy these experiences. I can’t wait to see what happens.”

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Kelly Werthmann