By Danielle Chavira

DENVER (CBS4) – Sure, Coloradans know how to make a snowman, but do you know how to make a snow snake? A family in Denver’s Park Hill neighborhood shared their slithery, snowy creation with the world. The Mosley family used mounds of snow from a recent, dramatic snow storm to create a massive snake sculpture in their front yard.

(credit: Morn Mosley)

Morn Mosley, the oldest, tells CBS4 he and his five siblings worked on it for 10 hours. Morn says the youngest of the bunch, Nesiyah, 11, got the idea started.

(credit: Morn Mosley)

They used spray paint to make the body green, blue and orange and the eyes black and blue. Morn told the BBC the snake snakes 77 feet around the yard.

Danielle Chavira