By Michael Abeyta

LITTLETON, Colo. (CBS4) – The kerfuffle over a Black Lives Matter flag hung outside a Littleton home started in early February when Kara and Ben Wilkoff’s HOA sent them a letter telling them to take it down.

“Literally the statement is ‘flag is not approved,'” said Ben.

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The Wilkoff’s spoke to CBS4’s Tori Mason when they requested special permission to display their flag, but their request was denied.

(credit: CBS)

“This should be about what I believe to be the suppression of our First Amendment constitutional right,” said Kara.

Since then they have heard from some of their HOA board members who were willing to sit and have a discussion with them about the issue. That led to a proposal the Wilkoffs drafted to change their bylaws.

Saturday they brought their idea to an HOA meeting. They say 30 neighbors attended virtually.

“To talk, to speak, to debate, to really just get dialogue going,” said Kara.

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The Wilkoffs want to have a dialogue about the issue and were glad to hear from their neighbors.

“We have seen support from our neighbors. Some that I have been surprised by,” said Ben. “But I was absolutely heartened to know that this is a community that is willing to engage in this dialogue.”

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A motion to vote on their changes was proposed and seconded by members of the board.

“We will vote as a community on changing our bylaws so that they are more inclusive,” explained Kara.

They are hopeful their proposal will pass, but if it doesn’t they are prepared to keep fighting for their constitutional right.

“We will absolutely work to make this change because it’s going to be a positive impact,” said Ben.

Michael Abeyta