By Justin Adams

DENVER (CBS4) – A one-of-a-kind museum is now open in Denver. The Museum for Black Girls features interactive art aimed at celebrating the uniqueness and beauty of Black women.

“This is a place I call where we give Black Girls their flowers,” said Charlie Billingsley, the Museum for Black Girls Founder.

(credit: CBS)

The pop-up museum illustrates the Black female experience, like getting their hair done in the kitchen with a pressing curl and hot comb.

LINK: Museum for Black Girls

“There have been girls from all over that have even traveled to this space and they’re like, ‘Oh my God this reminds me of my Grandmas kitchen or my aunties kitchen when I was getting my hair done,’” she said.

(credit: Museum for Black Girls)

There’s also a wall of iconic Black women and an affirmation wall where visitors write themselves a positive message. Billingsley wrote herself a personal message, as well.

“You are more then who they see. You are more than who you think you are. You are a queen. Start showing them you are more,” she said.

Each exhibit is strategically placed, like the mirror that greets visitors when they walk through the entrance into to the museum.

“The mirrors are a huge significance to who we are and where we come from. Just to be able to look at ourselves and affirm ourselves and let us know just how much we love ourselves and how beautiful we are,” she said.

(credit: CBS)

Billingsley had another inspiration for starting the museum. Her 11-year-old daughter, Jada, was often insecure about her Black girl features. Billingsley wanted her daughter to know that those features are beautiful and decided to do something that would amplify women of color and celebrate their beauty.

“I created this because of her. I wanted her to have a space where she felt seen and celebrated. And for when she goes off into the world, she knows exactly who she is, and she doesn’t have to change for anybody,” Billingsley said.

“Anybody in the world can see this and for me to know it was all because of me, it makes me feel like I can change the world. So, it really makes me feel special,” Jada said.

The Museum for Black Girls will be open through April. It is located at 1439 26th St., that’s near 26th and Walnut.

Justin Adams