By Chris Spears

DENVER (CBS4) – It’s been a very cold February so far in Denver and across eastern Colorado. That’s because we’ve been on the western edge of an arctic air mass for the last several days. If you take all of Denver’s high and low temps between Feb. 1-18 and average them out you get a temperature of 21.8 degrees, which is 9.7 degrees below normal.

(source: CBS)

Here’s a list of the top 5 coldest Februarys on record in Denver…

1. 1899 – average temp of 17.7°F (9.1 inches of snow)
2. 1913 – average temp of 21.8°F (15.7 inches of snow)
3. 1883 – average temp of 22.2°F (4.5 inches of snow)
2. 1989 – average temp of 22.3°F (8.2 inches of snow)
2. 1903 – average temp of 22.7°F (7.8 inches of snow)

With 10 full days to go this month the stat will undoubtedly change but it does look like we have a very strong chance to end the month somewhere on the Top 10 list of coldest Februarys on record in Denver.

Snow in Denver. (credit: Colin Lloyd)

Despite being so cold the month has been relatively dry with less than 3 inches of snow in Denver. It’s been a much different story in the mountains along and west of the Continental Divide where many locations have had a foot or more of February snow.

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Denver has a chance to see some light snow this weekend and again by the middle of next week as a couple of new storm systems pass across the Rockies.

Chris Spears