By Rick Sallinger

GOLDEN, Colo. (CBS4)– Some employers are having a tough time finding enough employees to fill open positions. This as Colorado’s unemployment rate tops 8.4%, the fourth highest in the nation.

What CODI Manufacturing produces in Golden are machines to fill beverage cans. They are delivered all over the world. The problem is they can’t hire enough people.

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“We estimate we have 10-15 openings,” chief operating officer Jared Jones told CBS4’s Rick Sallinger.

(credit: CBS)

Some jobs are skilled, others require training once hired. For months now, they have been attempting to hire more workers, but they are finding that a lot of people inquire then say, “No, thanks.”

Jones speculated, “I think some of it is, there are people that are able to sit at home collect the money that otherwise we would see people coming in to find jobs.”

They are far from alone. On the same street, other businesses are also looking for workers; signs are out in front of their plants. And it’s not just manufacturing.

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(credit: CBS)

Nearby in Denver West at Baron Education, Christine Lenick said, “We are looking to hire dozens of new instructors… something like 30.”

Her business runs a dozen auto driving schools and provides training for college admissions exams.

“They are trying to decide whether they should take a job or stay on their unemployment benefits.”

Lenick feels the extended benefits for unemployment have put her in competition with what the government is paying people while remaining out of work.

Over at CODI Manufacturing, Jones had a simple message to those looking for work, “Please send us a resume.”

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