By Andrea Flores

ADAMS COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – Adams County Sheriff’s Deputy Elijah Roman was on duty early Sunday morning when a fire broke out at a mobile home park near 55th and Federal Boulevard. Deputy Roman was on his way to another call when he spotted smoke in the area.

“I was the closest person at the time, and I figured I’d go check it out,” said Deputy Roman. “I got there and there were trailers were on fire, the trees were making it worse, and the power lines started popping.”

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Deputy Elijah Roman (credit: CBS)

At the scene, neighbors directed him to a woman stuck inside her home. The mobile home park owner tells CBS4 she is paraplegic.

“I remember going in and the whole wall is on fire in front of me, and the smoke was so bad, so I had to crawl on the ground to get to the trailer. She was just lying in bed,” said Deputy Roman. “She tried grabbing my neck to get up but she wasn’t able to, so I just lifted her from there, and turned around. Mobile homes catch fire quickly, so it was already starting to push over the top of the hallway. I was able to run out and get as far away as I could before I was able to lay her down.”

(credit: Adams County)

Deputy Roman knows he risked his life, and saved hers, in the nick of time.

“If I would’ve been another one minute to two minutes later, the whole trailer would’ve been on fire, and I wouldn’t have been able to get her out.”

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Another deputy, who arrived shortly after Deputy Roman, was also able to help three people in the mobile home park get to safety.

(credit: Adams County)

Once Deputy Roman knew everyone was safe, he then offered a mobile home resident in a wheelchair his coat in sub-zero temperatures, because the man was only able to escape the fire with minimal clothing.

“It’s what we sign up for, it’s what we know we need to do,” Deputy Roman said.

He hopes this situation shows that people in law enforcement answer the call of duty no matter what.

“It does feel good to know there is a good story out there,” he said.

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The Adams County Fire Department is investigating the cause of the fire. At least three mobile homes are a total loss, and several people have been displaced due to the fire. Several people were also treated for smoke inhalation, but they are expected to be okay.

Andrea Flores