By Jeff Todd

BROOMFIELD, Colo. (CBS4) – Colorado is one of the first states in the country to adopt a program where your driver’s license is on your phone, but wide acceptance has been slow. Broomfield police are now the third law enforcement agency in the state to accept the myColorado Digital ID on a smartphone.

“It works seamlessly with the system that we already use,” said Sgt. Scott LaFluer with the Broomfield Police Department. “It’s another tool that we have to use to identify somebody. People don’t always carry their wallet or their ID, but they almost always have their phone.”

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(credit: CBS)

Broomfield is the first municipal agency in the metro area to adopt the technology, joining Colorado Springs and the Colorado State Patrol. So far, Broomfield says only a few traffic stops have resulted in using the technology.

Colorado State Patrol widely adopted the digital ID technology in November and has used it with 1,400 traffic stops.

“It’s beneficial to both driver and officers involved. It helps so that in the age of COVID we’re not handling thing back and forth as much as we used to,” said Trooper Josh Lewis with CSP. “The most dangerous thing that we’re going to do is be on the side of the road so if we can get back to our vehicle it’s going to keep us safer and keeps everything faster.”

The app allows users to store their ID, registration and insurance cards in the app. The information can be shared with an officer for seamless entry into the computer system.

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The technology isn’t just useful when a law enforcement officer has pulled you over. About 300 restaurants, bars, breweries and liquor stores have signed up to accept the technology. Some state agencies are onboard as well.

“It’s a fantastic resource for everybody though, it’s something if you forget your wallet, well you still have your information because nobody forgets their cell phone when they leave the house,” said Lewis.

The issue moving forward will be more adoption from Colorado citizens and businesses alike.

As of now, it can’t be used to board a flight, and it will take years for most law enforcement agencies to accept it. The state says nearly 100,000 people have signed up for accounts through the app.

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“We’re hoping a lot of people will download this,” LaFluer said.

Jeff Todd