By Jesse Sarles

(CBS4) – Sen. John Hickenlooper is getting some backlash after his vote to block stimulus payments for undocumented immigrants. Colorado’s junior senator was one of eight Democrats in favor with all Republicans on the amendment vote last week. But it was non-binding, meaning it’s unlikely to have any affect on future pandemic relief legislation.

(credit: CBS)

Regardless, a letter signed by 300 organizations, elected officials, businesses and community members called on the senator to commit to supporting all of Colorado’s impacted communities moving forward. The letter reads, in part, “His message loud and clear … I only care about you when I’m campaigning.”

Hickenlooper released a statement saying in part “I recognize how this vote has distorted that important fact and fed dangerous and damaging narratives about the undocumented community.” … “We’ve had several productive conversations about this and I remain committed to working together to finally achieve a comprehensive fix for our broken immigration system, including a pathway to citizenship.”

Jesse Sarles