By Raetta Holdman

(CBS4) – “Hands off Weld County.” That’s Gov. Jared Polis’ response to Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon.

The response comes after Gordon told KOA News radio earlier this week he supports a fringe movement planning to petition to get a ballot initiative to explore the idea of Weld County seceding from Colorado to become part of Wyoming.

The Weld County Courthouse in Greeley (credit: CBS)

The group, “Weld County, WY”, has a website and Facebook page and is taking donations. The website says it’s a group of Weld County citizens who have a common desire to maintain their way of life.

Polis posted on his Facebook page saying, “Weld County is a thriving part of Colorado and Weld County residents are proud to be part of our great state.”

He goes on to address a connection in reverse.

“I do hear from so many Cheyenne (Wyoming) residents, on the other had, that they are culturally, economically and socially more connected to Colorado than Wyoming …”

Raetta Holdman