AURORA, Colo. (CBS4)– Data from studies done in the United Kingdom show the COVID-19 vaccine made by Novavax is roughly 90% effective. That’s great news as the Phase 3 clinical trial of that vaccine in the United States is underway.

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CBS4 Health Specialist Kathy Wash is a volunteer in the U.S. study. She received her second shot on Tuesday, Feb. 2 at UCHealth, and this is her experience.

The visit started with nurse practitioner Jennelynn asking a few questions and checking vital signs. I told her I had no side effects after my first injection three weeks ago.

“We’ll see how you feel after the second injection,” said Jennelynn.

She’s optimistic about the Novavax vaccine candidate.

“I’m excited to see the United States numbers when we are done with enrollment,” she said.

(credit: CBS)

That’s because scientists are excited. A U.K. study found the vaccine was 95.6% effective against the Wuhan strain, the original virus predominant in the U.S. It was 85.6% effective against the U.K. variant, so 89.3 % overall effectiveness.

“It’s very positive,” said Dr. Thomas Campbell, lead investigator for the trial site on the Anschutz Medical Campus.

So far, 216 people are enrolled at Anschutz. The goal is 30,000 participants over 115 sites in the U.S. and Mexico.

Research nurse, Laurel, took my blood and Eric, an intern pharmacist, jabbed me for a second time.

Did I get the vaccine or placebo? I don’t know, but Novavax is planning for what’s called a blinded crossover. All volunteers will come in for a second round of shots.

“Everyone would know they got the vaccine, but they wouldn’t know when they got it,” Campbell explained.

(credit: CBS)

While the Novavax vaccine is promising, Campbell said don’t wait.

“Get the vaccine that’s offered to you,” he said, ” because it will give you significant protection.”

No matter the shot in the arm, it’s a step toward conquering COVID-19.