By Rick Sallinger

DENVER (CBS4) – Those in the 65-69 age group are being told to get ready. They, along with educators, will soon become eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine in Colorado. Some of the state’s oldest citizens are worried they are being left behind.

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“We’ve done everything we can to get you that vaccine,” Jamie Hickok said as he walked with his mother near their Wheat Ridge home.

She replied, “That shot is so important.”

At 93 years old, what Arlene Hickok needs is that shot in the arm, but so far she and her son been unable to accomplish that.

“It’s important to me because of my age,” she said.

Her son added, “She has survived this far, and I want to make sure she stays around and survives. I don’t want to lose her there.”

They have struggled on the internet sites to get an appointment.

(credit: CBS)

Figuring a phone might be easier for some, the state established a COVID-19 Vaccination hotline. CBS4’s Rick Sallinger called an got the following message:

“Your estimated wait time is 204 minutes.”

That’s longer than three hours, but the system allows you to leave a number for a call back.

This past weekend, UCHealth vaccinated some 10,000 people at Coors Field in Denver. Arlene Hickok was not one of them.

Neither was 87-year-old Barbara Grenoble. She has been signed up on 10 provider lists, but then suddenly she and her friend Peggy McCreary got a tip.

“Saturday we got a notice on NextDoor that they had six doses that they didn’t want to go to waste in Lamar, the Safeway in Lamar,” McCreary said.

(credit: CBS)

So they drove 439 miles roundtrip from Denver just for opportunity to get a vaccination for Grenoble.

“It was definitely worth it. I got my shot, but I guess we got to go back in a couple of weeks,” Grenoble said.

And for those in the later years, there’s no time to lose.

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Rick Sallinger