DENVER (CBS4) — Table tennis continues to be a heavy hitter when it comes to sports betting in Colorado. Table tennis generated $63.5 million in bets this year. Only football, baseball and basketball have generated more.

“…table tennis remains a popular draw in the state, even months after the return of major U.S. sports,” said Ian St. Clair, analyst for

In December, table tennis was the fifth-most bet on sport in the state, with $10.9 million wagered, according to the Colorado Department of Revenue. It came in behind NFL football, NBA basketball, NCAA basketball and NCAA football.

In November, table tennis drew $12.4 million in wagers across all sports books in Colorado, making it the third biggest sport for bettors here, behind only professional and college football, the New York Times reported.

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Regulated sports betting began in Colorado on May 1, 2020.

Coloradans placed $1,185,754,617 in total wagers between May and December 2020, according to the Colorado Department of Revenue.

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Taxes collected by the state from sports betting in 2020 totaled $3,418,818.