By Karen Morfitt

DENVER (CBS4)– Gov. Jared Polis says with a new administration, he anticipates there will be new direction when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic response.

(credit: CBS)

“I think it’s great we have a president that is focused on ending the pandemic I think the pandemic was prolonged because of inattention of the last president, who didn’t really talk about it focus on or try and end it,” he said.

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Polis says the relationship between the state and federal government has been key in Colorado’s fight against COVID-19 from day one, relying heavily on the feds to help pay for testing and now 100% on vaccine access.

It’s one area Polis says they would like to see changes with the transition of power.

“We are hopeful that the new administration can increase the supply of the vaccine rapidly. We are ready, here in Colorado we use every dose every week and the sooner we can end this pandemic, the better,” Polis said.

Until that happens increased communication and more transparency can help improve the state’s overall response specifically the rollout of the vaccine.

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“We would love to have a 10 day or two week notice, that would lead to less frustration for the people of Colorado that’s why you’re wondering, ‘Oh, I can’t set up an appointments’ and that’s because providers, the hospitals, us, we don’t know how many appointments to setup because we don’t know how many vaccines we are going to get,” he said.

While Polis anticipates federal officials will focus on infrastructure and recovery, the goal for his team in Colorado remains the same.

“Certainly, ending the pandemic and saving lives first and foremost,” he said.

Biden has also put new focus on face masks, mandating their use on federal property and while traveling.

Polis says having a united message about the importance of their use is welcome.

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“The clear unambiguous message that we should wear masks is very helpful. President Trump did it from time to time, I think we will see more consistency with President Biden. We know we have an effective vaccine today it’s called a mask, its 50% effective, doesn’t mean you won’t get it, but it cuts your odds in half,” he said.

Karen Morfitt