By Karen Morfitt

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4)– Health care providers across the state will likely be impacted by the change in vaccine supply, many now trying to figure out how to move forward with fewer doses. Salud Family Health Centers with staff from UCHealth hosted one of its first community vaccination sites on Friday in an attempt to get more people vaccinated.

(credit: CBS)

“Trying to get more in the community and access populations that might not otherwise come in for a vaccine,” Jennifer Morris, Vice President of Development for Salud said.

By moving out of their facilities and into a community church, they were able to double the number of vaccine they could give out in a single location.

“Whoever did the shot was a good sticker,” 95-year-old Martin Costello said.

He and his 94-year-old wife Regina say even having just the first dose is a turning point for them.

“Safer much safer, we get the next one better yet,” he said.

Gerald Taylor and his family were also feeling relieved to get an appointment.

“Feel 100% better, at least you got something started,” Taylor said.

(credit: CBS)

At the end of the second day of their first offsite clinic, Salud hosted more than 200 people for the Moderna vaccine,

Plans were to host larger scale clinics just like it even with the limited access to the vaccine they already had, but concerns grew with news that the state would not be getting nearly as many doses as they expected.

“Until we get through this next blip of not being sure how much vaccine we are going to have, these large scale clinics are going to be hard to pull off,” Morris said.

The struggle she says comes down to planning.

“If you’re not sure how many vaccines you’re going to get in, you’re not sure how many staff you need to schedule patients, how many staff you need to administer the vaccine,” Morris said.

For those leaving the clinic with a shot in their arm they did so feeling more than fortunate.

(credit: CBS)

“We have 9 children and we miss all of them, there’s one of them… she’s number 4,5, or 6,” Costello laughed.

Karen Morfitt