By Anica Padilla

DENVER (CBS4) — This week, the FBI issued warnings about possible armed protests in state capitols, and groups calling for the “storming” of courthouses in all 50 states if President Donald Trump is removed from office before Inauguration Day. Now, Colorado’s district attorney and the Denver Field Office of the FBI are calling for people to report anything suspicious.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

Windows at the federal courthouse in Denver have been boarded up.

“…we are working together with state and local authorities to ensure that any demonstrations that may take place in Colorado remain peaceful,” officials stated. “Should that not be the case, we will investigate and aggressively prosecute those who violate federal law.

“While First Amendment rights will be protected, our offices will ensure that our criminal laws are enforced,” officials stated.

“We urge the public to remain vigilant and immediately report to law enforcement if they see or hear anything suspicious or witness acts of violence.

In a separate statement, the FBI said, in part:

“Our efforts are focused on identifying, investigating, and disrupting individuals that are inciting violence and engaging in criminal activity. As we do in the normal course of business, we are gathering information to identify any potential threats and are sharing that information with our partners. The FBI respects the rights of individuals to peacefully exercise their First Amendment rights. Our focus is not on peaceful protesters, but on those threatening their safety and the safety of other citizens with violence and destruction of property.”

The FBI is also warning of plans for armed protests in all 50 state capitals, and in Washington, D.C., in the days leading up to President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration.

The House is moving to impeach Trump, whose term expires on Jan. 20. Trump is accused of inciting an insurrection before Wednesday’s deadly Capitol riot.

The groups are calling for people to come armed at their discretion, CBS News reported. The alert also said there are reports of non-specified threats being made against President-Elect Joe Biden, Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The FBI is urging anyone who is aware of suspicious or illegal activities to call 303-629-7171, or go on-line at

Anica Padilla