By Jacqueline Quynh

AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – While many of us watched the events unfold in the nation’s Capitol on Wednesday, some from the Denver metro area witnessed it up close.

“The moment we touched down you could feel the energy,” Kim Velasquez said.

Velasquez told CBS4 she decided in a spur of a moment to accept an invitation to attend the Save America March in Washington D.C.

Kim Velasquez (credit: Kim Velasquez)

“I definitely am a patriot, not Democrat, not Republican, but for our country’s constitution,” she explained.

She documented her journey on social media. On Wednesday, Velasquez managed to make it front and center for the rally.

“It’s a pure theft in American history,” President Donald Trump said to the crowd.

(credit: Kim Velasquez)

Velasquez agrees with President Trump’s claim that the election was stolen. Her group was headed to the Capitol when they decided they needed a break.

“We got into the hotel room, and they turned on the news,” she recalled.

They saw images of people storming the Capitol. By the time the group left again, crowds were already dispersing. It was a shock, she said.

(credit: Kim Velasquez)

“Had we been in the front of that crowd, can I say I wouldn’t have been in there with them or not, you have to remember this was a mob mentality, like you’re elbow to elbow and whatever way they’re going is the way you’re going with them,” she added.

Velasquez worries she’ll be lumped in with the people she calls “bad apples,” but she tells us, some like her just wanted to stand up for their beliefs.

Come Jan. 20, she hopes for a peaceful transition, and that this time in history will teach more to agree to disagree.

“We as a country should have to respect whoever our president is at that point and time,” she said.

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Jacqueline Quynh