DENVER (CBS4) – The complaints about illegal street takeovers have been pouring in.

“They have zero care for anyone that’s there,” Lt. Chris Gulli, Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office said.

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In fact, is no shortage of videos showing off cars racing through streets and performing illegal stunts.

(credit: CBS)

“It’s overwhelming because we only have a certain number of people,” Lt. Gulli said.

He tells CBS4 that calls to get drivers to meet are posted on social media. Of course, none of those posts advertise that some drivers are pulling off maneuvers that damage property, but he says that’s what it turns into on many occasions.

“At the end of every weekend, we get a lot of calls from citizens. People are calling us on Monday morning saying there’s nothing but burnt rubber and trash throughout their whole lot,” he explained.

Lt. Chris Gulli, Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office (credit: CBS)

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The lieutenant doesn’t know if the mild weather has made meet-ups easier, or the pandemic pushed more to join, but he thinks it has approached a point that warrants a public warning.

It’s not just Arapahoe County, Lt. Gulli is concerned about the numbers across the state. The Denver Police Department is currently investigating an incident last week caught on video. It shows a car ramming into a truck. Police have reason to believe it may have started when a an illegal event shut down a portion of Interstate 70. There was a collision and then a potential road rage incident followed.

(credit: CBS)

“It could be an example, depending on what the evidence shows, of how these things go the wrong way,” Gulli said.

Lt. Gulli wants to prevent injury and deaths, that why he’s asking people now for help; in reporting suspicious meetups, late at night, specifically near empty lots. He told CBS4 they can be reported anonymously, and deputies can respond and cite those involved via

“Suspended license, driving without insurance, driving without expired tags,” he listed.

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Unless laws change, law enforcement can’t tow cars, however, they can help to break up illegal racing that may potentially endanger innocent people.