By Michael Abeyta

DENVER (CBS4)– This Thanksgiving is tougher on many families impacted by the economy and so many who have lost jobs. This year, volunteers and organizations stepped up to help. That includes the Salvation Army. Just like every year, their Thanksgiving dinner for the less fortunate began with a lot of food prep.

(credit: CBS)

Usually after all the food is ready, volunteers would serve people Thanksgiving dinner in a big room, but this year with COVID-19 spreading rapidly throughout the community, their tradition had to change with the times.

“It’s kind of a thing that we do,” said volunteer Tyler Alred.

Tyler is a missionary and isn’t new to volunteering but is new to this; bringing individual Thanksgiving meals around to the less fortunate in their rooms at shelters, motel room shelters and long-term care centers. That was what he and the Salvation Army did this year to help stop the spread of COVID-19, instead of serving a big holiday meal.

(credit: CBS)

Tyler doesn’t think it is has made a difference in how much joy their service brings, “It’s been a blessing for a lot of people. It’s an awesome feeling to see. Doing service is really great.”

If you don’t believe him, maybe you believe Gerald who received one of those meals. He says it made a really tough day a lot brighter.

“It’s very special them down here and it means a lot to me,” said Gerald.

He is looking forward to his meal, just don’t ask him to pick a favorite part because he likes it all, “Turkey and ham, mashed potatoes and gravy and a little bit of pie. that’s really special.”

(credit: CBS)

The Salvation Army delivered 2,800 meals on this Thanksgiving Day.

Michael Abeyta