DENVER (CBS4) – The TSA agent at Denver International Airport who died from coronavirus was honored last week. Eduard Faktorovich passed away last Monday after contracting COVID-19.

Eduard Faktorovich (credit: TSA)

On Friday, a trumpet sounded taps to remember the 49-year-old. Faktorovich was from Belarus and had worked for the TSA for year. His family was presented with an American flag.

(credit: CBS)

Faktorovich’s nephew is a doctor and he talked with him the day before his death, “Even as a physician, I know what to look out for. I’m in charge of coronavirus patients and sometimes it just happens so fast, you can’t expect it. Normal people at home don’t know what to do with their family members. Always proceed on the side of caution, and send someone to the hospital if you can.”

(credit: CBS)

Faktorovich never made it to the hospital. A TSA spokesperson said that he worked exclusively at checkpoints at DIA. Faktorovich’s last date on duty at the checkpoint was Nov. 2.

More than 60 TSA agents at DIA have tested positive for COVID-19 since March.

Jennifer McRae