(CBS4) – A Colorado woman says she and her mother survived a terrifying attack by Marcus “Mario” McGeachy, her ex-boyfriend, after she tried to break up with him. Leora Bibbs knew McGeachy was violent and that’s why she broke up with him, but she didn’t expect things would escalate as far as they have.

When Bibbs broke up with Marcus “Mario” McGeachy in Aurora, the day took a frightening turn.

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“After I tried breaking up with him, the police had to be called to escort me and try to get my things. He literally stripped naked in front of the police and they said that they didn’t want to start an altercation with him. They didn’t want to fight this big guy, they didn’t want to start any issue with him so they made me leave,” Bibbs said.


Marcus “Mario” McGeachy (credit: CBS)

Bibbs knew McGeachy wasn’t finished. He had gotten violent with her before.

“I told them that I didn’t feel safe. That I felt like he would come after me,” Bibbs said.

Leora Bibbs

(credit: CBS)

Later in the evening at her mom’s house in northeast Denver, Bibbs says her worst fears were realized.

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“He literally popped up out of the dark in all black and started attacking us and stabbing us,” she said.

Leora says she was stabbed 15 times and her mother three times. The blade of the knife got stuck in Bibbs’ head and had to be surgically removed.

“He kept repeating that he was trying to kill us,” she said.

Marcus "Mario" McGeachy

(credit: CBS)

Now Bibbs and her mom are staying somewhere safe because McGeachy is still on the loose. She wants him caught.

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“I don’t feel safe like anywhere basically because we don’t know where he is. Nobody knows where he is. We just don’t know when he’s going to come or if he’s going to come back,” Leora said.

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