By Raetta Holdman

DENVER (CBS4) – Denver has landed on National Geographic’s Best of the World 2021 list. Because of the pandemic, the publication decided to focus on stories to encourage future journeys.

“While the pandemic has brought journeys to a standstill, it’s not quieted our curiosity,” George Stone, executive editor of National Geographic Travel said in a news release.

“The world is full of wonders — even when they’re hard to reach. Now is the perfect time to discover something new about an extraordinary place or culture in our world and perhaps dream up your next journey, for when that time comes. Ahead of a new year — with the hope of a return to travel — we’re excited to share these 25 timely tales of timeless places that will define our future itineraries.”

(credit: CBS)

Editors divided the list into five categories, including sustainability, which is where Denver landed on the list. The magazine called the Mile High City “a green giant of a city in the American West.”

The magazine points out Denver is moving towards its goal of 100 percent renewable electricity by 2030, despite financial challenges posed by the pandemic. It lists initiatives such as having 125 miles of new bike lanes by 2023 and “planting” solar gardens as reasons for the city making the list.

The executive director of Denver’s Office on Climate Action, Sustainability, and Resiliency told National Geographic investing in clean energy will help communities while addressing concerns about the city’s carbon footprint.

Denver has received the LEED for Cities Platinum Certification. The city also offers businesses sustainability plans free through Certifiably Green Denver.

The other destinations in the sustainability list fare Alonissos, Greece, Copenhagen, New Caledonia, Freiburg, Germany and Gabon, Africa.

Raetta Holdman

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  2. Joe says:

    My guess is that the corrupt millionaire governor and his rich cronies basically bought the award…..

  3. MaryB says:

    Nicely done, Denver!

  4. Kim says:

    Have they been to Denver? Well than can have the socialist Mecca. Thanks and good ridden!

    1. “Ridden” is the past participle of “ride” — your English could stand improvement, comrade.

  5. WS Boyle says:

    I guess this is why the governor is closing everything down. To sustain his death grip on what the public can do. For if we are not allowed to do anything then nothing will get used. Great plan just watch the suicide rates climb in the coming months. Too bad suicides don’t count as COVID deaths which in the elderly they are.

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