By Audra Streetman

DENVER (CBS4) – Denver is among the most competitive real estate markets in America, according to housing market data from Redfin. Lombardo Homes analyzed the data and found that Denver is the 4th most competitive real estate market in America.

(credit: Lombardo Homes)

According to the data, 65% of homes in Denver are selling in under two weeks. Denver homes are on the market for an average of 12 days.

More than half of homebuyers in Denver say the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated their home buying process. The majority of buyers, 65%, found their home online, compared to 38% in May of 2020. In Denver, 73% of homebuyers said they had to compete against other offers.

Across the country, Seattle has the most competitive market, with nearly three-quarters of homes selling in under two weeks. Omaha and Lexington round out the top three, with 67% of homes selling in both cities within two weeks.

(credit: Lombardo Homes)

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Audra Streetman

  1. Lou says:

    Why would anyone want to move to Denver with its socialist leaders I will never know. Certainly isn’t because of the clean air….it isn’t anymore. Could it be the beautiful mountains? They were 20 years ago before the outsiders come in and you can’t find a camping spot.. Oh wait, the weed? Oh wait, sanctuary city?

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