DENVER (CBS4) – Gov. Jared Polis announced on Tuesday afternoon that numerous counties in the State of Colorado are soon going to be moving to a new, more restrictive phase on the coronavirus dial which means indoor dining will no longer be allowed at restaurants. The phase will be “Red – Severe Risk,” which is a new level on the dial, and the activation will happen on Friday at the earliest.

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Denver, Jefferson and Arapahoe County are among 15 counties moving to Level Red.

“We expect to be there,” Hancock said, referring to the new Red phase.

Karen LuKanic, who owns Congress Park staple, Chef Zorbas, said she was concerned about how the temporary pause on indoor dining will affect her business.

She recently opened her newly renovated dining room after a summer of outdoor only dining. In that time, she said the restaurant brought in only about 35% of the prior year’s sales.

“My biggest fear or reaction is I need to figure out if it’s safer for my employees to get back on unemployment so they’re OK,” LuKanic said. “If I can’t give them the hours to work and I can’t come up with the money to pay them, then I have some tough decisions ahead of me.”

On Tuesday evening, the state released a list of the counties moving to Level Red, which can be found here.

“This is the riskiest time for the virus everywhere in Colorado that we have had from the very start,” Polis said.

While Pueblo and Pitkin county officials told CBS4 they thought they might be in the red category, the switch has not happened yet. A spokesperson for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment said via email, “we are working closely with our local partners to evaluate disease transmission in their communities and to determine if a move to the Red Level is necessary.”

(credit: CBS)

“We must act now to save lives. We must act now to avoid a shutdown or lockdown,” Polis said.

The number of positive cases of coronavirus in the state continues to rise. And approximately 1,300 Coloradans are currently hospitalized due to coronavirus.

The new phase also means that capacity at gyms will be lowered to 10%.

“I’m calling on Denver, and the metro region to step up like we’ve done before, to push back mightily on this virus and get back under control. The blunt force response of another stay at home order can be avoided if we take the simple, but necessary actions to limit the chance for exposure to the virus. So we simply must do it. Stay at home as much as possible. Put those social gatherings on hold for the time being, including extra care for Thanksgiving,” said Denver Mayor Michael Hancock. “Please work from home. If you have the ability, and to our business owners, please let your employees work from home.”

Denver went into Level Orange: High Risk late last month, which put all restaurants and retail at 25% capacity, down from 50% capacity, places of worship at 25% capacity or 50 people, indoor events at 50% capacity or 25 people, whichever is fewer, and personal services from 50% to 25% capacity.

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Jesse Sarles

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  1. Buck Fiden says:

    Pole-us can put a sock in it.

  2. Nonbinarypansexualwhales says:

    The Totalitarian Democrat Regime: 1 party 1 rule

  3. Dwight Smith says:

    Emperor Polis is out of control.

    Kary Banks Mullis invented the PCR test (Polymerase Chain Reaction) and won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1993 for his invention. Kary Mullis stated clearly in 2013 that his technology was never designed for diagnosing disease and should not be used for that purpose.

  4. Morgan Slaymaker says:

    “We must act now to avoid a shutdown or lockdown,” Polis said.

    Is not banning indoor dining a form of a shut down? I feel for restaurant owners who have to go through this again. Sure, there are options like outdoor seating, but who’s going to sit outside when it’s 10 degrees? These businesses will not survive solely on carry out or delivery.

  5. jay holliday says:

    I agree with all.I just came back from Arizona.Everthing open,people practicing social distancing,,Masks,etc.Positive rates higher than Colorado,but no mass hysteria.Just proper acknowledement of Covid.Maybe we should look to this State as how to do business.I feel really sorry for all small business owners and I am one,and feel we have practiced social distancing and protocols as well…. .It takes a few mass gatherings,parties and uncaring individuals to totally wreck the rights of our businesses and then the Powers that be to step in and shut us down and control or lives and livelihood,including our families and our childrens right to a proper education.BTY,my Mom who is 95 and in assisted living in Lakewood,who sits in her room all day staring and windows and walls,probably would like to see me after 8 months.under all these new rules and State mandated regulations,she told me that she felt she would never get to see me or hug me again,Just for thought

  6. WSG says:

    I am so rooting for all these places to close up and go away! It’s what the state leadership wants(Democrats) and we voted for it. I don’t see any restaurant owners out throwing fits so they too must really want to not have their businesses. They should go ahead and close up shop. They definitely should stop paying taxes as a sign of protest.

    1. Stone Cipher says:

      Were you dropped on your head as a child? Nobody wants to see business curtailed or closed, but you mask holes who refuse to take proper precautions have led to this.

      1. holyterror1 says:

        Then why aren’t businesses fighting back?

      2. WSG says:

        No. And you really should not assume I do not wear a stupid mask. Despite my hate for them I wear it where needed. Like the only place I go now the grocery store at 5am on Sunday. My office is me and one other guy in separate rooms and he does the same routine I do outside of work. Hence why I do not care if these places go under. State and local leadership are curtailing capacity for businesses yet expect full amount of taxes on their current sales. For how many months now? If the local government truly wanted to help these places out: suspend their taxes for as long as they are shuttered. The government should hurt just like you, me and these businesses. I cheer for them to close, but deep down I want them to fight back, make demands, don’t give the money to the government every quarter for their business that was shut down, but they are not and so I continue to cheer.

  7. So long suckers! says:

    Enjoy your new communist ****hole, lefties!

  8. Bernie Liverpool says:

    This is devastating to local businesses. Power hungry liberals trying control our lives.

  9. Corn says:

    “Gov. Jared Polis announced on Wednesday afternoon” Does he have a time machine? Today is Tuesday, not sure how he announced this tomorrow already?

    1. Kim says:

      Dementia Joe provided the date.

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