By Jennifer McRae

DENVER (CBS4)– Gov. Jared Polis gave a coronavirus update for Colorado on Monday afternoon. During the virtual news conference, he announced that he was extending the face mask mandate for another 30 days.

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Polis first issued the executive order for the face mask or face covering mandate in Colorado in July.

“Wear a mask, avoid social interactions, physically distance from others, and wash your hands regularly,” Polis urged Coloradans to practice those measures to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Polis also confirmed that in Colorado, “The virus is the most prevalent than it’s ever been before.”

He encouraged Coloradans that the light is there at the end of the tunnel with the announcement of a coronavirus vaccine and that we just have to hang on for a little while longer.

“Each of us has a responsibility to do what’s best,” said Polis. “We must change our behavior to flatten the curve.”

“We’ve got to change the status quo in the final few miles of this marathon. Together I know that we can change the course and get our state back on track, save lives, save our economy, save ourselves.”

Polis encouraged people to self-isolate for 10 days before getting together for Thanksgiving while advising Coloradoans to “cancel those social plans” with people outside of their household to be completely safe.

He said that, “Together, we can save Christmas.”

Jennifer McRae

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  1. Yellow Cat says:

    is there a law against breaking a “mandate” hey mandate breaker!

  2. ali kimiai says:

    Mask Nazi

  3. J K says:

    Unless you are wearing the professional grade M99 mask then masks don’t help. In fact the cloth masks that everyone is wearing have been shown to increase your chances of getting sick.

    Not to mention that this virus is “so deadly” that most people have no symptoms at all. Even the common cold is more dangerous.

    Can’t wait to vote this clown out of office.

  4. Celeste Monahan says:

    I’m a good little democrat, but I won’t be wearing a mask unless I’m inside or someone calls me out. Can’t live like this anymore.

  5. Karen says:

    They work so well that cases are low. oops, wait, what?

  6. Truthhurts says:


  7. Joe says:

    Well, this is a shocker… the dictator is extending it yet another 30 days…

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