By Dillon Thomas

DENVER (CBS4) – As President-Elect Joe Biden took the stage in Delaware to celebrate his predicted victory in the race for the White House, some Republicans are holding onto hope that President Donald Trump’s allegations of widespread voter fraud will win him a second term. However, CBS4 Republican Analyst Dick Wadhams said the odds are against Trump.

(credit: CBS)

“It is clear that he has carried the necessary states to win the electoral college,” Wadhams told CBS4’s Dillon Thomas referencing Biden.

The Trump campaign has filed lawsuits, alleging voter fraud in several swing states that went in favor of the Biden campaign. Concerns have been raised by the president in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona and Wisconsin. So far, the Trump campaign has failed to produce evidence to the public that back up their claims of fraud.

“I don’t know if (the accusations of fraud) are true or not, or, if they are wide spread enough to have changed the outcome of the election. But, until that is proven, I think we have to presume Joe Biden is the president-elect,” Wadhams said.

(credit: CBS)

State Rep. Doug Lamborn’s office, while declining an interview, shared the following written statement:

“Every vote that complies with state election laws should count. Illegal votes undermine the integrity of the election process and confidence in the electorate.”

Wadhams said the Trump campaign’s claims and lawsuits should be taken seriously and investigated. However, he said they are unlikely to be successful enough to earn President Trump another term.

(credit: CBS)

“Those will play themselves out. And, if there is some kind of systemic fraud then those will be found. From what we know right now, I think it is clear that Joe Biden is the President Elect of the United States,” Wadhams said.

While Wadhams believed the race is too far lost for Trump, he did say the president’s fate isn’t cemented yet. He said Biden’s new title of “President Elect” is also not guaranteed until the lawsuits are addressed.

“That (title) could change. Who knows what will happen over the next week or so,” Wadhams said.

Dillon Thomas