By Alan Gionet

DENVER (CBS4)– Buried in the latest numbers of Colorado’s massive voter turnout so far, is another number that could reveal more about our beliefs in our elections system. While the total number of ballots cast so far (the latest numbers come from the end of the day on Thursday, Oct. 29) is at close to 2.3 million and almost 80% of the total turnout in 2016 in Colorado, the number of people voting in-person is also up. Not just in raw numbers, but as a percentage.

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In 2016, five days out from the election, 1.9% of the votes cast were in-person. Five days out from this election, 2.4% of the ballots cast are from in-person voting.

“I think in this election I’m probably more worried about it than I have been in the past,” said Amber Martin as she emerged from the polling place at the Calvary Church in Denver.

Her finance Richard is also concerned, “It just makes me feel a little bit more secure with my vote right there and nobody else is going to handle it.”

Amber is a republican and Richard, who asked us not to share his last name, identified himself as a Trump supporter.

“I think there’s more of them that feel the way I do,” he said about the election.

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The big difference this election is in-person voting so far is the number of Republicans and Democrats casting ballots. In 2016 at this point, there were more in-person ballots in from Democrats. This year, 11,297 ballots were cast in-person by Democrats and 23,036 were cast by Republicans.

There are many variables said Secretary of State Jena Griswold.

“The pandemic is a variable, the fires are a variable, false narratives, new voters. So I think after the election is done we’ll go and see if any of these percentages are evening out and we’ll have a better picture of the motivation of any change from 2016 to 2020,” said Griswold.

Many older voters are doing their voting at home in this election. Over 28% of the total ballots cast so far, come from people 65 and older. But this year, only 0.34% of the total ballots have been cast in-person by people over 65. There will likely be a surge of voting in-person in the final two days Monday and Tuesday, but it’s really anyone’s guess if Colorado will reach 7% of ballots cast in-person as it did in 2016.

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