GREELEY, Colo. (CBS4) – Ismeldo Arredondo of Weld County faces between 80 and 240 years in prison after being found guilty of multiple charges including attempted first degree murder of a police officer. In August 2018 deputies including Brandon Stupka were called to a home where there was a reported domestic disturbance. It happened on the 2200 Block of Northwest C Street, just outside Greeley’s city limits.

(credit: CBS)

While deputies were on the way, Arredondo armed himself with a shotgun and forced his family to leave.

Ismeldo Arredondo

Ismeldo Arredondo (credit: Weld County)

When deputies arrived, they struggled to get his wife out of the area and Arredondo burst out of his home and opened fire twice before getting hit by a shot fired by deputies.

Deputy Brandon Stupka (credit: Weld County)

Deputy Stupka was hurt by what the Weld County District Attorney’s office described as “hundreds of shotgun pellets” and had to have emergency surgery.

A sentencing hearing for Arredondo on Dec. 30.

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