DENVER (CBS4)– On the ground, on the air and online, Democrats and Republicans get-out-the-vote machines are in overdrive. Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez rallied labor and Latinos in Colorado this week.

(credit: CBS)

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“I’m here in Colorado because we leave nothing to chance,” said Perez.

Meanwhile, Republican Sen. Cory Gardner mobilized volunteers from Denver to Montrose. His campaign says he’ll cover more than 1,300 miles in the final days.

His message to voters, “If they look at results, if they look at solutions, if they look at who’s been fighting for every area of state, they’ll know that their vote should be cast for Cory Gardner.”

Sen. Cory Gardner (credit: CBS)

While polls show Gardner trailing Democratic challenger John Hickenlooper, he says don’t count him out, “I don’t think the polls today are accurate, I think opportunity for us to win is real and that’s why this continues to be a margin of error race.”

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The race could decide control of the U.S. Senate says Perez, “The road to a Senate majority for Democrats goes through Colorado.”

Which is why both parties have made big investments here, not just in commercials, mailers and staff, but technology. They’re using apps to digitally chase votes – with ads, texts and emails – harnessing social media, and buying millions of cell phone numbers. Many campaigns are using technology that identifies not only your party affiliation but how likely you are to vote and what motivates you to turn in your ballot.

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“In world of a pandemic when it’s a lot harder to go door to door, our investments in data and technology, I think that’s given us a real edge here,” said Perez.

“It’s full steam ahead! Katie bar the door, we’re breaking down every barrier, making sure we get every vote turned in,” said Gardner.

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While the digital operations are especially important in a pandemic, manpower is still critical, too. The Colorado Republican Party says it has 30,000 volunteers hunting down the remaining votes. The Biden campaign says it has 25,000 volunteers and has made contact with 96% of registered Democrats and 80% of unaffiliated voters.

Shaun Boyd