By Jeff Todd

DENVER (CBS4) – One day after announcing restaurants can only seat 25% of capacity indoors, the city of Denver is hoping to help restaurants with a grant program. Denver is giving out $435,000 to restaurants that qualify to reimburse for expenses used on expanding outdoor dining.

(credit: CBS)

“We’re still down a significant amount (of sales) from what we’re used to doing, but this has really helped us keep our staff employed which is the most important thing for us right now,” said Denver Beer Company Co-owner Patrick Crawford.

(credit: CBS)

The brewery applied for the city’s grant within hours of finding out it was possible. DBC expanded a 2,000 square foot space to the north of its tap room. They’ve submitted the application and receipts and are hoping for $22,000.

“We could have applied for much more, if we included our new patio space. But we just applied for the costs for this small patio and hopefully get reimbursed,” Crawford said.

The city says it will accept applications through Nov. 13 and then divvy up the fund. Restaurants are not guaranteed what they are requesting. The money came through the CARES Act.

(credit: CBS)

Crawford says, without other help coming to restaurants and bars right now, this grant is coming at a time when the need is skyrocketing.

“We’re exploring every way we can to keep people employed this winter,” he said. “Any money now or later is still green to us and will help keep our business going and our people employed through the winter.”

Jeff Todd

  1. here ya go denver business owners, a big SLAP IN THE FACE! while poleless kept 1.6B from the feds to stuff the coffers of his and the gov pensions and raises, while shutting down YOUR businesses, here is $375 to tide you over. Wow! talk about grift!

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