LOUISVILLE, Colo. (CBS4) – Icy roadways caused major traffic headaches Sunday, and it’ll likely stay that way for the commute Monday morning.

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“Maybe it was just the first snow and everyone forgot how to drive,” Troy Wilson said.

Wilson’s trip home to Superior was interrupted by an accident as he was on Highway 36. Poor visibility and heavy snowfall made conditions prime for accidents.

“I went around Interlocken than back up, and there’s people on the side, on the shoulders, on the ditches,” he recalled.

Snow accumulation hasn’t really been this bad since April, which was in the middle of the pandemic shutdowns.

Multiple crashes happened near US 36 and County Road 170, closing the westbound lane for hours. Meanwhile, farther away in Johnstown, a driver had to be cut out of his vehicle after colliding with a semi.

(credit: CBS)

“They pre-treated our mainline roads, and our bridges and by having that pre-treatment on the road it helps to melt the snow,” said Tamara Rollison, Colorado Department Of Transportation Denver Metro Region Spokesperson.

(credit: CBS)

CDOT crews have been preparing for snow removal; ahead of that they’ve been reminding drivers to winterize their cars.

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“Any slick areas or wet areas that you see now will likely freeze up,” Rollison said.

She warns Monday morning’s commute could be another rough one, and urges travelers to avoid driving through the evening.

“Just slow down, it’s slippery, I’ve got 4 wheel drive and I’m struggling,” Wilson added.

In addition to weather conditions, CDOT is telling drivers not to go to the high country due to fire danger.

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Jacqueline Quynh

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  1. Joe Bloe says:

    You can blame the idiots that move here from out of state and can’t figure out how to drive in the snow. Most likely from Californication.

  2. September Snow says:

    “Maybe it was just the first snow and everyone forgot how to drive,” Troy Wilson said.

    Wrong. Don’t forget it snowed about six weeks ago right after Labor Day.

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