By Ryan Mayer

(CBS4)- NFL fans can always find something to worry about with their local teams. Concerns about missed calls, bad schedules and perceived slights from the league often lead to complaining online and on sports talk radio. But, in a recent survey, Broncos fans were found to be among the fan bases that complain the least in the NFL. conducted a survey of 5,000 NFL fans asking which teams had the worst habits when it came to complaining about their teams. The Broncos came in at 24 on the list out of the league’s 32 teams.

NFL Fans Worst Complainers


The habit that Broncos fans were said to use the most is the “victim mentality.” In other words, fans who participated in the survey thought that the Broncos fans that do complain are often doing so in a way that implies that the officials, league, etc. are out to get them.

But, at 24th on the list, Broncos fans can take pride in the fact that they’re seen as one of the more tame fan bases in the league in this regard. In fact, they complain less than two of their AFC West counterparts in the Los Angeles Chargers and Las Vegas Raiders according to the survey.

The Broncos’ last opponents, the New England Patriots, had fans who ranked near the top of the list. The Dallas Cowboys, Patriots, Buffalo Bills and Chicago Bears were found to complain the most.

Ryan Mayer


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