By Anica Padilla

FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4) — A motorhome — that was pulling a truck — slammed into traffic stopped at a red light at Harmony and Timberline roads on Wednesday afternoon. Fort Collins police said 16 vehicles were involved and 22 people were injured. Several people had to be cut out of “crumpled” cars.

(credit: Nicki Wolff)

“I saw it and couldn’t believe it. Unbelievable that anyone could survive through that situation,” said Mike Byersdorfer, who saw the wreckage after the crash. “The cars were crumpled.”

Five people were transported to the hospital — two of them have serious injuries.

(credit: Nicki Wolff)

According to Fort Collins Police Services, the motorhome was headed east on Harmony Road at 4:15p.m. The driver approached multiple vehicles that were stopped for a red light at Timberline Road — and didn’t stop.

(credit: Nicki Wolff)

“This is probably one of the worst wrecks I have seen in my life,” said Nicki Wolff. “I am surprised everyone made it out alive by how the vehicles looked — some were unrecognizable.”

Roads in the area were closed for 12 hours while police investigated the crash scene.

(credit: Nicki Wolff)

Investigators say no citations have been issued and officers are working to determine if a medical event may have contributed to the collision.

Police said the investigation could take weeks.

“This was a resource-heavy incident that required strong collaboration with our partners in public safety,” said FCPS Chief Jeff Swoboda. “I’m grateful for the rapid response of first responders who immediately took action caring for injured people, rerouting traffic to protect those on scene, stepping up to cover other emergency calls still happening around the city, and working all night long to process the area.”


Anica Padilla