By Karen Morfitt

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4) — Boulder police are asking for help identifying possible victims in a peeping Tom case. They released multiple photos that show the inside of homes believed to be in the University Hill area.

(credit: Boulder Police)

“Our neighbors came over and told us to look through the pictures that the police had sent,” a student who lives on the Hill said. “Because they think their rooms were on the pictures — and we share an alley.”

(credit: Boulder Police)

The images show nightstands, paintings, and even a stuffed animal.

(credit: Boulder Police)

Boulder police were alerted to the photos by another law enforcement agency who arrested a peeping Tom suspect last week.

A search of that unidentified man’s cell phone revealed additional photos and multiple videos of victims in intimate activities.

(credit: Boulder Police)

Investigators are working to pin down the exact addresses.

The investigation has many people who live in the area feeling uneasy.

“It’s really uncomfortable and we definitely felt unsafe last night,” one resident said.

“I just think its really scary, because peoples homes are supposed to be the one place you are completely safe,” another student said.

Police are hoping that something in the photos will be recognizable and alert those in the community who may be victims — while also serve as a warning to everyone to always be cautious.

“Definitely rather safe than sorry… definitely blinds down when the sun goes down type of thing,” one resident said.

See more photos here.

If you believe your is pictured in these photos, please contact Boulder Police Department Detective Erin Starks at 303-441-3067 or email

Karen Morfitt


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