By Jacqueline Quynh

ARVADA, Colo. (CBS4) – A few years back, Brittany Kitchens learned a hard lesson about making the right choices.

“I have a background,” she said.

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Kitchens shared this with CBS4’s Jacqueline Quynh to end the stigma for getting help. However, because of this, she often gets denied a job. Sometimes that means having to submit extra recommendations.

“I’m in recovery for drug addiction,” Kitchens shared.

Currently, she’s working for a grocery pick-up and delivery service.

“The easiest way to think about it and to make it motivational, and to make it fun is to think about each shop as a scavenger hunt.”

She finds ways to be happy about work and to bring joy to customers. Earlier during the pandemic, she tells us, she kept a small stash of hygiene supplies to give away, when stores ran out.

“I would go ahead let them know I’m sorry they’re not available but put one of their items in their order and say, ‘Hey, this is on me.’”

Then, two weeks ago, she was shopping for Katie Keane, a mom of two toddlers.

“I was cleaning up my kids toys and they were running around screaming,” Keane described.

Kitchens asked if there was anything else Keane needed, and Keane jokingly wrote, “My sanity if you see it, these kids are driving me crazy!”

(credit: Katie Keane)

But that meant something else to the person on the other side of the screen. So out of her own pocket, Kitchens bought a little canvas with paint for Katie, and Play-Doh for the kids.

“To get the extra bag and words of encouragement, it brought me to tears,” Keane said.

She shared a photo of the note left in the bag, it said, “Dear Katie, I don’t have kids but I can only imagine how hard this year has been for a momma. Just know you aren’t alone. Pour a glass of your [beverage] of choice & paint a canvas of your own & do a bit of self-care.”

(credit: Katie Keane)

Kitchens’ employer does now allow customers to contact shoppers after a transaction so CBS4 shared Keane’s message of thanks to her.

“I could not stop smiling that entire day, it just you know… Thank you Katie, and I appreciate you,” Kitchens said with pouring emotion.

After this, Kitchens doesn’t know if grocery shopping is her calling, but she knows, kindness, while it doesn’t put food on the table, it can feed the soul.

Jacqueline Quynh


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