By Anica Padilla

BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4)  –  A suspected “peeping Tom” has been arrested — and investigators found multiple “sensitive” images and videos on that suspect’s phone. On Tuesday, Boulder police released images that they believe were possibly taken in the University Hill area.

“These images do not show any of the victims and only show the interior of rooms captured during the suspect’s recordings,” investigators stated.

Police believe the images were captured between April 19 and Sept. 30.

One appears to show a poster of the Flatirons, a framed photo and beauty products on a dresser.

(credit: Boulder Police)

Another shows Kirkland brand water bottles and other items on a night stand.

(credit: Boulder Police)

One shows a tapestry, a stuffed animal and a small fan.

(credit: Boulder Police)

Others show a glimpse of art, photos, or plants hanging on walls.

(credit: Boulder Police)

“[Boulder] Police were initially notified by another law enforcement agency last week after they had arrested a ‘peeping tom’ in their jurisdiction,” officials stated. “After executing a search warrant on the suspect’s phone, multiple images and videos were located.”

“These items were sensitive in nature and showed victims in intimate activities. Through further investigation, law enforcement identified multiple videos that were possibly taken in Boulder in the area of University Hill,” Boulder police stated.

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The Boulder Police Department is asking the public to help identify the locations in the images to build a criminal case against the suspect.

“The goal of posting these files is to help identify potential victims,” investigators said.

See more photos here.

If you believe your is pictured in these photos, please contact Boulder Police Department Detective Erin Starks at 303-441-3067 or email

Anica Padilla


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