(CBS4) – Leaders in Arapahoe County on Tuesday gave unanimous approval to a proposal to build an Xcel Energy natural gas pipeline through a conservation area for prairie dogs. Officials at Xcel want to replace an existing pipeline and put the new one through Cherry Creek State Park.

The county will be putting the following requirements in place:

– The plan must meet Tri-County Health Department requirements.
– Xcel Energy must work with an ethical, non-lethal prairie dog specialist.

A total of 14 prairie dog colonies will be impacted by the pipeline and opponents say it could majorly disrupt those colonies and the aquatics in the area.

A CPW official weighed in during Tuesday’s Arapahoe County meeting, saying the work should be done immediately to make sure the prairie dogs are as protected as possible, before temperatures start to get colder and regular freezes begin.

Xcel says it plans to start the project in the coming weeks.

Jesse Sarles

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  1. Robert Gift says:

    Prairie dogs need to be conserved?
    Xcel will do a good job and restore whathey have disturbed.
    Soon after there will be no evidence of a pipe line other than occasional required warning signs.

  2. WS Boyle says:

    What and how much damage will be done to Cherry Creek State Park?

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