FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4) — Colorado State University’s Mountain Campus, 40 miles west of Fort Collins, is one of the state’s most treasured research centers. There are concerns that the growing Cameron Peak Fire could threaten it.

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Fire crews from Aurora are working tirelessly to prevent that from occurring. Aurora Fire’s Rick Lt. Page detailed their daily and nightly efforts in a Facebook video.

“We’re doing point protection for the CSU campus, and we’re assigned to protect some of these historic buildings back in here,” Page explained.

Firefighters are spending countless hours prepping buildings, putting fireproof coverings on them to ensure embers don’t move inside structures. They are also moving combustibles away from buildings to date areas and setting up sprinkler systems.

“We have a couple of different pumps in different locations, so we can put about four gallons a minute through each of these sprinklers and keep them wet,” he said. “It’s a constant cycle of going back and checking those things, making sure that all of our systems are in order.”

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Crews say, as the fire potentially moves closer, they will be ready along the attack lines.

“Wait for that fire to creep up to these buildings and knock it down as it comes in. We’re waiting for it to come up to the building and we’ll knock any embers that come around down in here. We have an additional 250-300 gallons on our brush truck here so we’re mobile. We can go back and forth and gauge where the biggest threats are,” said Page.

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CSU officials are also optimistic. Seth Web, director of the Mountain Campus also issued a statement to CBS4’s Mekialaya White:

“The Mountain Campus has a 100 plus year history and holds a special place in the heart of many members of the CSU community who have studied there, worked there, attended retreats there, or spent time hiking, fishing or camping in the area. We have sustained damage from fires, floods, and tornadoes over the years and always prepare for the worst while hoping for the best.”

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