By Meteorologist Lauren Whitney

We’ve been talking about an area of low pressure heading our way all week. As it gets closer, it looks like it won’t be packing quite the punch we had earlier anticipated. This system is now looking a lot drier and warmer than earlier thought. Now, it looks like it will bring us the one thing we don’t need. We are now looking at two days of very gusty wind. This will not bode well for our wildfires and could also help trigger new fires.

Saturday we will have Red Flag Warnings in place for Moffat and Rio Blanco counties, as well as the entire eastern side of the state. We will have strong wind nad low humidity to go along with our very dry conditions.

Sunday, the entire eastern side of Colorado will be under a Fire Weather Watch. This is basically an early Red Flag Warning. Once again, we will need to be on high alert for fire danger.

We will cool off on Sunday, not much but we’ll go down into the 70s. We’ll stay in the 70s through the early part of next week. Sadly, we’ll also stay very dry.

Meteorologist Lauren Whitney


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