By Jeff Todd

LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – The high school football season has arrived in Colorado. A handful of games kicked off Thursday with many more planned for Friday and Saturday.

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Athletic officials with Jefferson County Public Schools confirmed a game between Pine Creek and Ralston Valley was canceled because of a positive coronavirus case for a Pine Creek player. An alternative opponent is being sought by Ralston Valley.

Thursday night Green Mountain hosted Northridge in a game that was only scheduled 10 days ago.

“We’re thrilled to be able to play,” said Jesse German the head coach for Green Mountain. “There’s a lot of steps we have to take to make sure everybody is safe.”

Fifty players showed up already dressed, they’re not allowed to use the locker room. They were spaced on the sideline and wore masks when not playing. A total of 175 people including players, coaches, officials and staff were allowed on the field. The capacity for Jeffco stadiums is capped at 600 people, divided into quadrants.

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“Normally there’s a lot more people here and you have all your friends and people are jumping up and down and doing cheers. But, it’s still good to be able to come out and see people after quarantine,” said Becca Primak, a Green Mountain Alumnus who returned to see friends play their first game. “I’m so happy they get to have a sort of season.”

Players were given coupons that people could redeem for tickets. Primak said security gave out color-coded wrist bands to make sure no more than 150 people congregated on a quarter of the stadium.

“Definitely we’re missing the band,” Primak said.

While the season looks very different, Coach German says the players are excited to have the opportunity for a season at all.

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“Seeing these kids able to compete and grow and play as a team, that’s the best park,” German said.

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