By Jennifer McRae

DENVER (CBS4)– The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has some guidelines for Halloween this year. The holiday is a little different because of coronavirus but healthy officials say it can still be fun for kids.

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In its weekly virtual public address, the CDPHE recommended staying in your neighborhood and checking in with other neighbors about how trick-or-treating can be done safely.

They also say it’s a chance for parents to get creative this year.

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“Is there a way to have a large tube that the candy comes down and they catch the candy, having little buckets that they don’t have to grab or to put their hands in to grab candy, that are cute little plastic bags… How do you do this with keeping an appropriate distance,” said Dr. Chris Nyquist with Children’s Hospital Colorado.

When it comes to masks, a Phantom of the Opera or hockey mask will not work for protection. Instead, a decorated cloth mask is recommended.

Jennifer McRae

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    Don’t listen to these so-called authorities, there is no one more expert on Halloween costumes than Irwin Mainway

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