DENVER (CBS4) — Gov. Jared Polis criticized President Donald Trump on Tuesday, saying he’s sending the wrong message about COVID-19.

President Trump has continued to downplay COVID-19 as he battles the virus himself. On Monday, he tweeted that Americans should not be “afraid of Covid.”

“The President is taking this in a wrong and divisive direction, with regard to his counsel and what he’s advising people to do when he says, ‘Don’t be afraid,'” Gov. Polis stated during a virtual press conference. “You’ve heard me say very similar things. I say, ‘It’s not a time for fear. It’s a time for caution, or being careful, or being smart.'”

(credit: CBS)

“It’s not a time for fear but it doesn’t mean you throw your mask off, have large groups, and get people sick and die,” Polis added. “Go back to your lives. You don’t need to cower in your corner, but be safe, be smart. Keep your distance from others.”

Polis said the recent news from the White House is an important reminder that no one is immune to the coronavirus. He said it has been “challenging” to watch the way Pres. Trump has been handling the pandemic.

“The president, when he wants things to happen, he doesn’t really understand how to do it in the right way,” Polis said.

“Example, the president wanted — we all want — kids to be back in school. But rather than have a plan to do it safely, that the president tries to bully people to go back to school, you have to return, you have to return, without actually helping the states or the school districts to return with the PPE we need, with the testing that we need,” Polis stated.


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  1. Chip says:

    The 1957-58 Asian Flu pandemic killed 116,000 people in the U.S. and our population was half what it is now. The Hong Kong flu of 1968 killed 100,000 Americans when the population was 62% of the current population. The economy was NOT shut down, people weren’t forced to wear masks, schools remained open and the WORLD kept spinning. How many deaths from depression, alcoholism, drugs, and suicide have been caused by these draconian measures? AND WHY DOES PERV POLIS STILL GET A PAY CHECK when he denies others their own?

  2. Joe Bloe says:

    And you do sirrrrr Polis? Come on….. Seriously you need to get a grip. Hopefully you get recalled based on the fact that you are taking away our Constitutional rights……You “sir” are horrible for Americans.

  3. Dwight Smith says:

    not a governor—self appointed Emperor who ignores the real data and research.

  4. TomTancredoFan says:

    The mindless blather that spews from this governors pie hole is stupefying in it’s patronizing tone. No, governor pumpkinhead, Coloradans have never been afraid of the virus. Nor do we cower in a corner. We’ve watched you, drunken with legislature approved absolute power, destroy our economy. You don’t even use fuzzy science, instead you seem to use a combination of tarot cards, scattered chicken bones, tea leaves, and Ouija boards to shackle the state with the worst leadership decisions Colorado has ever seen. We’re not gonna take it much longer and will soon be openly defying your idiocratic buffoonish tyranny. WHATCHA GONNA DO, WHEN WE’RE ALL 18-22?

  5. Gail Lindsey says:

    So, Jared – since no one asked, how are we doing here in CO, with PPE and testing? How are you working to keep our schools open, rather than open/closed/open/closed? What about bars and nightclubs, do you expect to go back to the old closing times any time soon? How’s outdoor dining going to work during the winter?

    What do the statistics really tell us here in our state? Rather than worry about Trump, why don’t you explain the data that supposedly drives your decisions to keep us in our place?

    1. Randy Lahey says:

      Thank you Gail. Nothing has been more frustrating than listening to this governor giving people hope that a mask mandate will soon end after 30 days. Apparently masks don’t work if numbers are spiking again.

      1. Locked and loaded says:

        Without mask specification such as minimum fabric density, weave, fabric type they are mainly symbolic. It is all about control.

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