By Conor McCue

NORTHGLENN, Colo. (CBS4) – Twenty-six people are without a home after a fire engulfed their apartment building Monday night. The fire happened at The View apartment complex off Pecos Street near 104th Avenue in Northglenn.

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Three people were taken to the hospital. According to a spokesperson for North Suburban Medical Center, two patients have since been discharged, while one was transferred to an area hospital for follow up care.

On Monday, the scars from the night before were easy to see on building 12. From blown out windows to charred wood, you didn’t need to see the condemned sign to know it wasn’t livable.

“I’m not an engineer so I hope it’s still structurally ok,” said Stuart Jones, who lives on the second floor of the building.

(credit: Stuart Jones)

Despite being out of his home, Jones considers himself lucky. When the fire started Monday night, a neighbor came banging on his door, urging him to get out.

“I asked him where it was at and he said it was on that side of the building, so we all evacuated,” Jones said. “It was much bigger than I thought. The whole balcony was pretty engulfed in flames.”

But amidst the horror of seeing flames coming out of the third floor, Jones also saw bravery. He and others watched as neighbors got a ladder and then helped a family escape that was trapped on the top floor.

“A little boy, looked like he was about three, and a mother and a father,” he described. “They all thankfully got out. She was kind of shook up.”

According to North Metro Fire, 12 units were affected. Of the 12, at least four sustained heavy damage due to the flames, while four others suffered water damage.

(credit: North Metro Fire)

“You can definitely tell it destroyed that building,” said Jordan Helem.

Helem, who lives one building over, said the flames were so active he was concerned about his apartment.

“The wind was blowing that way, thank God,” Helem said. “Because if it was blowing towards the tree, the tree is very close to our porch.”

While Stuart Jones is staying with family now, the Red Cross did respond to the scene and help others find somewhere to stay.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation, but firefighters believe it started on a balcony.

Conor McCue


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