By Danielle Chavira

DENVER (CBS4) – Gov. Jared Polis says Colorado is seeing an increase in hospitalizations — not as much to stress out the healthcare system, but still too many, he says.

There are 246 people who are hospitalized in Colorado — the most we’ve seen since late July.

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The governor reminded Coloradans to wears masks and socially-distanced themselves as we head into the holiday season.

“We should all ask ourselves today and over the next few weeks, ‘How can I be better? How can I better do my part to protect myself? My loved ones, my family, my community.’ This is really a crucial moment. It’s really up to you what path our state will take,” Polis said.

He said President Donald Trump is sending the wrong message about the virus. Polis says people in high risk groups really need to take the virus seriously because it will impact them the most.

Polis said the fact the president became infected should serve as a reminder that no one is immune.

Danielle Chavira

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  1. Tami Thompson says:

    We are on the path of Michigan and California. Next, he will say we need to wear a mask between bites while out to eat a la Newsom.

  2. Joe Bloe says:

    The fuhrer of Colorado is salivating over this news…… He can now lock down the state even more than before.

  3. TomTancredoFan says:

    How the hell did this guy become a governor instead of his true calling as a failed motivational speaker.

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