By Anica Padilla

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) — A bear and her rambunctious cubs enjoyed some serious play time in a water tank in the Highlands Ranch Backcountry Wilderness Area — and a trail camera captured some adorable moments.

(credit: Highlands Ranch Backcountry Wilderness Area)

The mother bear seemed content to sit back and soak, while the cubs splashed, wrestled and played with each other.

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The cubs did take a break from their antics every so often to stop and “chat” with mom.

(credit: Highlands Ranch Backcountry)

At one point, they all came together for what looks like a nice cuddle session.

(credit: Highlands Ranch Backcountry)

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“There has been a major increase in the number of wild creatures enjoying the Backcountry Wilderness Area’s habitat … including this family of bears enjoying a not-so-calm soak in one of our water tanks,” officials wrote on Facebook. “And, it is not just the bears enjoying our 26 water resources. It’s the birds, squirrels, raccoons, porcupines, hawks, falcons, eagles, even mice using our tanks for water. It’s the deer, elk, bobcats, and mountain lions.”

(credit: Highlands Ranch Backcountry)

Officials with Highlands Ranch Backcountry said the wildlife has been behaving differently since they added more water resources to the habitat.

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“As we’ve added water resources and improved habitat, we have noticed a plethora of changes in wildlife behavior, patterns, use of certain areas, and more positive impacts— ESPECIALLY in years like 2020, where many traditional water resources throughout the surrounding area do not exist due to the severe drought we are experiencing.”

Officials said they are seeing more bears than ever this year.

“We like to think by making the Backcountry a happy home, they are less likely to wander into neighborhoods,” officials stated. “Good for us and good for the bears.”

Highlands Ranch Backcountry has 26 total water resources spread throughout the 13-square-mile area — and they have cameras on about 90 percent of those water resources.

Officials say the pictures tell them a lot about the local wildlife — their patterns, health, important/sensitive dates, populations, species and so much more.

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If you want to support their conservation efforts and help them continue to improve the habitat, you can make a donation to the 501c3 nonprofit, the Backcountry Conservation & Education Fund, by clicking here.

Anica Padilla