By Jennifer McRae

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4)– If you think of bears as just lazy animals that wander through the forest, think again. Colorado Parks and Wildlife shared a video that shows a car trying to outrun a bear.

(credit: CBS)

The bear is seen in a field near Colorado Springs. The car tries to speed up on the road next to the field, but the bear just takes off.

CPW said this is a perfect example of why when you encounter a bear, don’t run, because it may trigger the animal’s instinct to pursue.

Instead, CPW said to back away slowly, speak calmly and make yourself look large. If the bear charges, stand your ground and in the rare event that the bear attacks, fight back until you can get away or call for help.

Video: Bear Mows Down Camera Set Up To Capture Release

Jennifer McRae

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  1. flyfisher111 says:

    Having seen both grizzlies and black bears run, I can tell you that nobody, but nobody can outrun a bear. And none of those I witnessed were really running all-out. A grizzly can outrun a horse for 100 yards or so. The best way to fight a grizzly is to avoid the opportunity entirely.

  2. Jo says:

    Fight back? LOL uhh you can fight back vs a big cat but doing that vs a bear is instant death

  3. greg says:

    “in the rare event that the bear attacks, fight back” -time to start training *Rocky theme starts*

  4. The announcer’s patter is just ridiculous — the video does not depict a car trying to outrun a bear! CPW does not say not to drive away from bears either.

    1. greg says:

      imagine focusing some of that energy on something positive

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