By Jennifer McRae

DENVER (CBS4)– Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold addressed President Donald Trump’s claims about fraudulent mail-in ballots that he made at the presidential debate on Tuesday night. Griswold tweeted that Colorado’s mail-in ballot process is safe and secure and that voters should feel confident in the process.

She tweeted, “Registering to vote is soliciting a ballot in Colorado. We believe voters should have access to safe, secure and accessible elections. We believe in vote-by-mail for all.”

In Colorado, every registered voter will receive a ballot in the mail, which can be returned by mail, dropped off at a ballot drop-off box or at a polling center, or voters can decide to vote in person.

(credit: CBS)

If you would like to register to vote, or want to participate in the Ballot Trax program, visit

Oct. 26 is the deadline to register to vote or update your registration and still receive a ballot in the mail. In Colorado, you can register to vote and vote in person up to 7 p.m. on Election Day.

Jennifer McRae

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  1. TomTancredoFan says:

    I will be voting in person because I believe voting is sacrosanct, whereas elected Democratic leaders believe everything should be watered down and debased. Give them enough power and we’ll be electing presidents the same way we vote for contestants on American Idol.

  2. Locked and loaded says:

    Throw her a bone and there she goes!

  3. Joe Bloe says:

    Wanna bet…. dig deeper into the election workers and see how diligent they are with mail-in ballots…you might be shocked.

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