DENVER (CBS4)– After a few days with below normal temperatures it looks like a return to unusually warm conditions is right around the corner for Colorado. NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center released their 6-10 day and 8-14 day outlooks on Monday and both tell the same story.

The way you read the outlooks below is to look at the color scale just below the banner. If your location on the map is gray that means the forecast is for normal conditions.

For temperatures as you move right on the color scale the confidence in conditions being warmer-than-normal goes up. It’s the opposite as you move left on the scale into the blue and purple colors.

The precipitation maps work the same way. Gray means normal conditions are expected. As you move right into the greens the forecast calls for wetter-than-normal weather. The opposite is true as you move left on the scale into the brown colors.

Unfortunately this is not good news after a hot and dry summer. But this type of fall weather is pretty typical during an episode of La Niña, which was declared active during the late summer.

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The 8-14 day outlooks below are almost identical to the 6-10 day outlooks above. With the ongoing drought this means fire danger is going to remain a huge concern around the state as well roll into the month of October.

Chris Spears


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