(CBS4) – Secretary of State Jena Griswold is trying to clear up any confusion after a story by CBS4 about a voter registration mailing by her office.

“These mailings are really powerful. They get a lot of people registered in Colorado.”

(credit: CBS)

The mailing she’s referring to says: “Our records indicate that you or a member of your household may be eligible to vote but do not appear to be registered at your current address.” It goes on to delineate the qualifications to vote: 18 years of age, U.S. citizen and Colorado resident at least 22 days before the election.

As CBS4 reported last week, about a dozen of the postcards — that we know of — went to people who were not citizens or deceased.

Griswold says, “I think the key is that the mailing to encourage potentially unregistered people to register is not the same mailing as our ballot mailing. Those are two separate universes. When we send you a ballot or the county clerk sends out a ballot, those are to people who are registered. This postcard, encouraging people to register, goes to people who are potentially eligible but unregistered and, you know, the mailings aren’t always 100% correct.”

She says the mailing list is compiled by an outside organization, called the Electronic Registration Information Center, which uses DMV records and the Social Security Death Index to identify potentially eligible voters, “Because of this outreach, which started under Republican secretaries of state prior to my administration, we have one of the highest percentage of registered people in the nation and lead the nation in turnout.”

Griswold says about 750,000 people received the postcard this year and she expects 75,000 of them will register to vote. She says the dozen or so people, who received the postcard but are ineligible to vote, will know that by reading the postcard, “The fact that the list, or the postcard, goes to a few people who are not eligible to be registered is why we put so prominently on the postcard the qualifications to vote in this election.”

Shaun Boyd

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    1. rdlink says:

      Because it was a sensationalist and inaccurate representation of the facts, and sent the right wing nut jobs off on their normal spin fest. Sending a postcard informing and encouraging people to register IF THEY ARE ELIGIBLE is not trying to register dead people. But I think you likely already knew that.

  1. Tyler Linnebur says:

    So, don’t you think voter records should be updated to ensure a few people who are not qualified to vote do not receive voting mailers? Or is that considered “voter supression”? Weren’t we just complaining about innaccurate USPS mailers, but somehow this innaccuracy is acceptable, Griswold?

  2. 66789abcd says:

    if by “sets the record straight” you mean “corrects boyd’s false, lazy reporting”

  3. Tom says:

    Shaun Boyd should have gotten a commitment from Griswold to eliminate the inelgible voters from the database used!

  4. pollyanna says:

    pretty nonchalant reaction. Wouldn’t the better response be something like ” we are concerned about ineligible voters and are working to root them out and make it more accurate”?
    Instead of “eh, some people who can’t vote might but whatever, they’ll probably know not to
    or something.”

    1. rdlink says:

      Because it warranted a pretty nonchalant reaction. Sending a mailer out that says someone at the house who MAY be eligible isn’t registered is not the same as an ineligible person voting. If an ineligible person tried to register they’d be stopped. Or they would know they’re not eligible and not even try.

  5. Common Sense says:

    Griswold blunders again! People that want to vote have already registered. Those not registered are probably illegals or the radical anti-government individuals that does want their information in government hands. She just wasted a lot of money when the state needs it so badly to pay for the destruction the BLM caused.

    1. rdlink says:

      I don’t think those words, “Common Sense” mean what you think they do. Back under your rock.

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